The Literacy Council of White County works hard to provide free  literacy classes to adults in the community. To achieve our mission, we  rely on volunteers.  There are several ways to get involved with the work of the Literacy  Council. While tutoring is the most direct method of serving, there are  many ways to get  involved and forward the mission of the Literacy Council. Each is vital  for the Council to successfully serve 


 Tutors provide direct service to the community by teaching our classes.  All of our tutors are trained by our program to teach these classes.  Our Adult Basic  Literacy tutors are trained in the Barton Reading & Spelling System to provide reading and dyslexia intervention. English as a Second  Language tutors are trained in either English Forward or Laubach Way to English.

Bookstore Volunteer

 Bookstore volunteers sort donations, shelve books, help customers, and  answer questions about the Literacy Council and Second Time Around  Books. Our regular  bookstore volunteers serve by keeping Second Time Around Books and our  offices open in the afternoons and on days when the director is away from the office. Occasionally we also have groups volunteer on Saturdays to tackle special projects. 

Special Event Volunteers

 Special event volunteers help us run fundraisers and promotional campaigns as we work to spread literacy throughout White County 

If you are interested in volunteering please stop by our office or fill out the volunteer form.