About Us

"Literacy could be the ladder out of poverty" -Morgan Freeman


 The Literacy Council of White County seeks to give all adults the ability to pursue their dreams through  expanding their opportunities in employment and personal growth by assisting them in improving their Literacy Skills. 


 The Literacy Council of White County was founded in 1978, when it was staffed entirely by volunteers, and incorporated  as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in 1996. It was a small establishment, but the Adult Education Department at Foothills Vo-Tech,  seeing the value of the organization, took it in, and activity increased. When Foothills was assimilated into the Arkansas  State University system, the increased duties of the two part-time coordinators made it difficult to grow the program. LCWC  was then placed under the care of the White County Library System until 2005, when a paid director was hired and the  organization came into its own. A used bookstore was opened to help raise funds for the program and to provide the community  with the valuable resource of a second hand bookstore. 

Board of Directors

Board President: Ann Dixon

  Ann  Dixon is a graduate of Harding University and Texas Woman’s University  where she received her Master of Library Science degree. After teaching  for several years, she served as Library Director at Brackett Library,  Harding University. Since her retirement she has worked with the  Literacy Council primarily in the bookstore and with the Imagination  Library of White County which provides free books for children from  birth to 5 years.  She joined the Board of Directors in 2017.    

Vice-President: Linda Jenkins

Treasurer: Kristi Bond

 Dr.  Kristi Bond is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Harding University.   She specializes in methods of teaching foreign languages.   Dr. Bond  moved to Searcy in 2011 while completing her Ph.D. in  Linguistics at  the University of Kansas. Her passion for languages has   led her to  participate in many overseas trips with students and in  foreign  missions, as well as consulting for non-profit organizations.   She has  served on the board of the Literacy Council since 2012, a  decision that  was prompted by her desire to learn more about the needs   of Searcy  residents and contribute to the well-being of our community. 

Board Member: Misty O'Neal


Secretary: Alison Baird

 Alison Baird joined the Board of Directors in 2014. She holds a B.A in  Sociology, an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education, and an M.S. in Library and Information Science. Alison works to promote  literacy daily in her job as Elementary Librarian at White County Central Schools in Judsonia. She and her husband, Jim, are  active in their community, participating in the Boy Scouts   of America and their local church. Alison serves on the Literacy  Council board because she wants all parents and children in   White County to experience the bond that comes from reading together.  She believes that educating parents is vital if we are to   break the cycle of illiteracy in Arkansas.  

Board Member: Logan Russell


Executive Director: Dixie Evans

  Dixie has a true passion for literacy.  She is a Certified  Dyslexia Interventionist and advocate for children and adults with  dyslexia. She is a member of the Arkansas Dyslexia Support Group and supports many  other groups dedicated to improving literacy in Arkansas. Dixie is constantly learning about the best practices for teaching  literacy skills and supports the use of scientifically researched and  proven methods.Her goal is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to  read and achieve their goals. In her spare time, Dixie enjoys spending time with her husband, Brad, and  their daughter, Natalie. She loves the theatre and cooking. Dixie is an  active volunteer and supporter of many organizations