Services & Programs

Adult Basic Literacy

 The Literacy Council works to give adults the literacy skills they  need to reach their goals. To that end, we offer several types of classes so that we can meet all of our students' needs. Each of our  programs is designed with our students in mind. We offer Adult Basic Literacy classes for adults who would like  to improve their reading and writing skills. We use an reading program based on science to provide dyslexia intervention. Our  Pre-GED program works with students who want to work towards their GED,  but are not yet ready for a GED program. 

We are always working to add new classes that meet the needs of the community. 

English as a Second Language

 Our English as a Second Language classes work to create a solid  foundation of conversational English. The program uses the English  Forward Curriculum developed  by the Literacy Coalition on Central Texas. This curriculum is designed  for the first 60-100 hours of language instruction, and works with  groups so that students  may practice with one another. 

 Advanced students who want to pursue the finer points of grammar and composition work one-on-one with tutors. 

Pre-GED/High School Equivalency

 Getting your GED is a great way to improve your quality of life. For  many of our students, a GED is the first step to getting a better job,  continuing their education, or proving to themselves that they can finish school. No matter what your motivation, the Literacy Council of White County  can help you study for your GED. We do not offer the test or the  official GED test  preparation class; rather, we work with students who are not yet ready  to take their GED. Students who read below a 9th grade level generally  need to study more before they are ready for an official GED class. We study with them  until their literacy levels are high enough that they can move on to a  GED class. 

Work Place/Job Readiness

Finding employment can be a difficult task for some.  Whether you need help developing soft skills to be successful in the work place or just need a little help learning computer skills, resume writing, or interviewing skills, the Literacy Council of White County can help.  

We offer one on one and group instruction for Work Place skills to help you find a job, retain employment, or advance in your current job.

Health Literacy

With all the changes in health care and insurance it is hard to keep up with all the information you need to keep yourself and your family healthy.  

Our health literacy classes can help you navigate the waters of talking with your doctor and up to date health information.

Financial Literacy

Our financial literacy classes can help you learn to manage your money and finances, create budgets, learn about loans, debt, and savings.

Family Literacy

Family Literacy

 Dyslexia and other reading struggles can be genetic.  Often when a parent struggles with literacy skills, their children do as well.  The Literacy Council of White County is developing Family Literacy services to meet the needs of the entire family unit.  This includes providing resources for parents to help their children succeed, and summer intervention programs for children.