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You work hard to make a difference in White County. You give your time each week to provide your student an opportunity to learn. The Literacy Council of White County wants to provide you with all of the tools that you need to help your students reach their goals. You should find all of the resources you need on this page. If you have any questions, contact Amanda.

Monthly Tutoring Records

Monthly Tutoring Records are vital to the administration of our organization. They allow us to keep track of student progress and attendance. Detailed record keeping means that we know how much progress our students are making and what we can do to better help them. It also means that when we request funding, we are able to provide accurate reports of how many hours tutors have worked with students, which is information that most funders require. The Monthly Tutoring Records are due the first of every month, and can be filled out online here, or you can download and print paper forms below and turn them into the office. Please print and submit both the Monthly Tutoring Records and the MTR: Goals and Achievements. Both forms are included in the online form

Paper Forms

Monthly Tutoring Record

MTR: Goals and Achievements