Mission and History

"Literacy could be the ladder out of poverty" -Morgan Freeman


The Literacy Council of White County seeks to give all adults the ability to pursue their dreams through expanding their opportunities in employment and personal growth by assisting them in improving their Literacy Skills.


The Literacy Council of White County was founded in 1978, when it was staffed entirely by volunteers, and incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in 1996. It was a small establishment, but the Adult Education Department at Foothills Vo-Tech, seeing the value of the organization, took it in, and activity increased. When Foothills was assimilated into the Arkansas State University system, the increased duties of the two part-time coordinators made it difficult to grow the program. LCWC was then placed under the care of the White County Library System until 2005, when a paid director was hired and the organization came into its own. A used bookstore was opened to help raise funds for the program and to provide the community with the valuable resource of a second hand bookstore. Since 2012, Amanda Partridge was hired as director upon the retirement of Ann Nieto, and the Board of Directors has almost doubled and has taken a more active role in the organization's service of the community. Seeing a shift in the demographic of those who were seeking help, LCWC incorporated an English as a Second Language curriculum into the program alongside the Basic Adult Literacy program.

The past two years have seen explosive growth in the Literacy Council of White County, and it is our hope that we will continue to grow in our ability to serve the community of White County.