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Pre-GED/High School Equivalency

Getting your GED is a great way to improve your quality of life. For many of our students, a GED is the first step to getting a better job, continuing their education, or proving to themselves that they can finish school.

No matter what your motivation, the Literacy Council of White County can help you study for your GED. We do not offer the test or the official GED test preparation class; rather, we work with students who are not yet ready to take their GED. Students who read below a 9th grade level generally need to study more before they are ready for an official GED class. We study with them until their literacy levels are high enough that they can move on to a GED class.

To sign up for our Pre-GED classes, fill out this form.

Math Classes

Once a week, we hold math classes. These classes are directed towards students who would like to take their GED, but anyone who is interested in improving their math skills is welcome. If you are interested in joining this class, fill out the online form above or contact the Literacy Council.